Graduates celebrate more than 130 stories of “the power of human spirit”
Graduates celebrate more than 130 stories of “the power of human spirit”
Posted on 06/08/2018
Student holding up diplomaThe UCS community celebrated a chapter in the lives of more than 130 members of the graduating class of 2018.

The celebration was for the chapter’s happy ending for Utica Alternative Learning Center and Adult Education graduates, who received their diplomas June 7 at Henry Ford II High School. 

“So many doors have opened for me,” said adult education commencement speaker Danielle Uka.  “The confidence it has given me has made me feel like I can rule the world.” 

Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns told each graduate that their accomplishment was inspiring for their perseverance and commitment.

“This evening we are here to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit,” Dr. Johns said. "They are stories of determination, perseverance, hard work and, now, tremendous success.” 

Board of Education President Gene Klida urged graduates to now look toward the future. 

“Use your education wisely not only for yourself but for the benefit of the world around you,” she said. “Take not only your diploma from here, but take the strength and belief that all things are possible. The Board of Education would like you to know that each of you hold the hope of this community in all of your future endeavors.”

UALC Supervisor Marc Kay reported that graduates earned $20,000 in scholarships to continue their education.

“As you wind down the first chapter of your life, and it was at least a 12-year chapter, this is just part of the introduction of the next phase of your life,” he said. “The best part is that you get to begin writing the next chapter on a clean, empty page.”

The future was also on the mind of the graduates. 

“Our life starts now so make it the best life you can,” said UALC graduate Mikenna Goodman. 

Graduates earning their diploma are: 
Al-Jazrawi, Dalya
Al-Safo, Alen
Ashaqyounan, Ronza-Khalid-Abdul
Balyos, Stivani 4
Bardage, Haitham 1
Berry, Chad
Buechler, Diana
Burke, Rona
Clubb, Christopher A.
Coffey, Michale
Cook, Erickia
Crowe, Virginia 1
Dally, Mario
Davis, Jasmine 1
Doherty, Christina
Emmanuel, Frans
Finley, Donna
Gjinaj, Florian
Gress, Jeanne Marie
Hakim, Eva
Haynes, Brandis Yvonne
Isho, Marwan 4
Jasim, Azhar
Jasim, Mohammed 4
Jazrawi, Marvin
Joseph, Aretha
Joseph, Binu 3
Katsock, Andrew P.
Khoran, Kareen
Kokochak, Khristine
Laman, Patricia-Mayim-Dela-Cruz
Lee, Barbara
Ljuljdjuraj, Elvira 3
Locklear, Jaimie
Majeed, Sarah
Maldonado Trejo, Pedro
Manwael, Maher
Matti, Matti
Maus, Maranda
Medrano, Luis
Miah, Rifa Begum
Mirek, Jake
Muneer, Deana 1
Munoz-Almaguer, Hector E.
Najm, Manar
Romaya, Fadi
Shao, Devana
Shammo, Suha
Shukri, Dan
Stephenson, Annette M.
Strong, Lynn Marie
Thibodeaux, Kasey
Toma, Valntena
Uka, Danielle
Verbison, James W.
Winters, Richard Craig-Charles
Wise, Cassandra Joy
Yaqo, Maryam
Yousif, Tony
Yousif, Angel
Zaya, Sally 3

Abernathy, Christian Knight
Batres, Alex Pierre
Batti, Renado Dhafir 2, 3
Biscup, Sean Ryan
Blockett, Darrion William
Boyce, Sloan Edward
Castiglione, Salvatore Michael
Chambo, Brendan William
Cheverez, Diamond Marina
Cobaj, Damiano 1, 2, 3
Covington, Alexis Brianna
Crooks, Jordan Terrell
Denha, Kareen Majid-Manuel
Deras, Adam Arthur
Domgjoni, Amanda 1, 2, 3
Dych, Katelyn Mary 1, 2, 3
Goodman, Mikenna Lynn
Habbo, Jessica Nazar
Habeb, Juliet Mary 3
Hassar, Devin Tyler 1, 2
Highgate, Archie Stephon
Ireland, Hunter Jeffrey
Kamil, Kevin Duraid 1
Karasienski, James Edward
Kleyner, Anthony Alexander
Koma, Mafee Hadeer 1
Kraeyveld, Matthew Zae
Kuffer, Jordan Anthony
Lacy, Shemar Terrell Saveon
Lowes, Timothy Javan Clayton R. 1, 2, 3
Makowski, Cody Edward
McDonnell, Summer Marie 1, 3
McGuffin, Brendon William 1
Miller, Savannah Noelle 1
Moore, Michael LaJay
Nathaniel, Alyssa Ann
Perez, Salvador Martinez
Person, Clifton D’Monte Jr.
Proffit, Chase 1
Raper, Jayla Monay
Safaro, Poulos Kamil
Safaya, Devid Adel
Samona, Rani Bashar Nafea
Saylor, Ronald Raymond 1
Sinistaj, Ariella 1, 2
Sonia, James Andrew 1
Sova, Maela Amara Lynn 1
Spiridigliozzi, Hunter Allen 1, 2, 3
Szczepanik, Martyna Jania 1
Tiburcio, Nicholas Paul 1
Tilkins, Donavin Michael
Vazquez, Yashaira Marie 1
Vultaggio, Anton Dante
Wells, Christian
Wierzbicki, Tyler Thomas
Zaia, Averil Sarmad
Zefi, Roberto
1 Honor Cords (3.3 or higher GPA)
2 AP Course
3 Dual Enrollment
4 Seal of Global Language